Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Traditions//Moving

I'm currently drinking hot cider and writing by a lovely Christmas tree. I love this time of year! Honestly, Christmas is one of my favorite holiday seasons. I love snow. I love how cheerful and pleasant everyone gets. I love giving presents. I love seeing my family. There is very little about this time of year that I don't enjoy.

It has been a bit different watching the season roll in now that I am in a new house and new city. But I will be back home again for Christmas, so I don't have to face the holidays in a completely new environment. (although that may not be true next year as the rest of my family is moving too now).

I am very excited but also in a way halfway dreading Christmas. The last Christmas at the house I lived in for 20 of my 21 years...I hate change. Have I ever mentioned that before? Probably. Change is not my friend.

On the bright side, I am super stoked for my family to be moving closer to where I am at right now. I have been finding it hard to cope without seeing my mother or having my sidekick (my little sister...also known as my other half...) nearby.

So, as this Christmas will presumably be the last one back in the "old house" as I'm now calling it...I thought I'd share a bit of how we do Christmas in said old house.

We always decorate right after Thanksgiving, which is honestly probably my favorite part about the Thanksgiving holiday...

"decorating" also included making Christmas goodies this year

We do advent every night (well...when we remember...we're not always regular). This year advent has been an adventure since I'm no longer at home and my Dad often isn't either because he's already moved to where his new job is (that's why my family is moving...). So we do advent via Skype these days.

not sure if you can see them, but the faces of my three siblings in this picture make me smile

Christmas Eve we always go to the service at our church (...I'm going to miss that church too. But I've been at a new church for 5 months so I'm getting used to it. Still miss the people back home though...)

I don't have pictures of the actual service, but this is right after the service one year. (don't remember which year...)
Several of my siblings are missing from this pic because not everyone is able to make it home each year.

We do a similar picture to this one, "under" the tree, every single year. :) My mom has a little scrapbook that has every tree picture and it's fun flipping through the pic and watching us all get bigger each year. (that's going to stop soon, the getting bigger that is, because we're basically all adults now, except for my 16 year old sister)

After the service we drive around the city and look at all the lovely Christmas lights. :D That's one of my favorite traditions.

Once we're home we drink eggnog and eat some cookies and have a little Christmas-y fellowship. :)

 Dad reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas, a family favorite. 

Christmas morning starts with stockings that Mom stuffed the night before. We read the story of Jesus' birth together. At some point during the day we do presents, which is always a production. There are nine of us, (more, now that people are getting married) so there's always a mountain of presents to pass out. It's always fun. I love that part of the day. I love watching people's faces light up when they open their gifts. :)

So...that's what Christmas usually looks like at our house. It will probably be a tiny bit different next year. A different house, anyway. It'll be fun to see what happens (even if I am slightly dreading it...)

My niece exploring her very first Christmas tree

Happy Christmas, everyone! :)


  1. Lovely traditions! It all looks so cozy. :) That Jane Austen collection looks familiar...I have the same on my shelf. ;)

    1. Your post actually gave me the idea of making this one, so thanks for that. :)

      We are all enamored with Jane Austen at our house (well the girls are anyway, I don't know about the boys...although I did catch my brother watching Pride and Prejudice by himself once...). We all have at least one copy of all of her works. :)

    2. Aw, neat!
      That is so cool. :) Mom and I really like the books and movies, which Dad sometimes joins in on. ;)


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