Thursday, March 9, 2017


Life is distracting, people.

Of course, this isn't news to anyone. Life is busy. Life is crazy. Of course we get distracted. That's just how humans roll.

Today, I'm going to share some personal distractions. More specifically, the five things that, more than anything else, distract me from writing.

I feel like "life" as an answer is just a cop-out, so I won't use that as one of my examples...but it is so true. Life is so very distracting.


Facebook is a huge distraction for me. I open my computer and almost the first thing I do is check Facebook. Only Facebook, as I don't really do other social medias. I do have a Twitter but I haven't checked it in like...a month? But Facebook? Facebook, I am always checking. And I get sucked in so easily! And then forty minutes later my niece is waking up from her nap and I'm wondering what on earth I did with that time I was meant to be writing. Oops.

YouTube. This is an even bigger distraction than Facebook, to be honest. I watch other authors' vlogs, I listen to new songs, I watch silly videos...and hours upon hours could pass without me even noticing. YouTube is dangerous, people. It's a giant black hole and it will suck you in! Beware!

Other books. Usually my own. I'm currently trying to actually write The Tragedy of the Traitor instead of just thinking about it...but every time I open it up I get distracted by my other books. I'll open up Courageous Heart instead and do some editing or I'll work on my outline for my Next Generation series of Robin Hood stories. I have not made much progress on the book I intended to write this month...but I have worked on other least I've been productive...sort of...

Sleep. I get exhausted watching a baby all day long and sometimes I just want to sleep. Sleep is not necessarily a bad thing. But seeing as writing is technically my "job" then I do need to be a bit more strict about my hours. Even writing for an hour before going to bed would be better than just going to sleep right after dinner (which happens more often than not, I'm afraid...).

Addison. Hands down, my niece is the biggest distraction. Whether that's waking up from her nap when I am in the middle of writing the climax of a story or if that's me sharing all the pictures I take of her with my friends when I should be writing, or anything in between. To be honest though...I don't really mind her being a distraction. She's the best thing ever :)

So those are five things that distract me from writing. What are some things that distract you from your responsibilities?

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