Saturday, March 25, 2017


What do I enjoy about marketing?


What do I hate about marketing?


I believe there are several things that have fueled my hatred of marketing. One of those things being my own laziness. Or rather, my dislike of anything that isn't easy. I don't mind working, if it's simple and easy. If I have to use a lot of brain power or energy...well, I don't enjoy that as much. So yes, my laziness is a big reason I dislike marketing, because marketing takes a lot of work.

Another reason I dislike marketing is because I still don't have a clue what I'm doing and I hate the new and unfamiliar in all walks of my life, marketing included.

One of the biggest reasons I dislike marketing is because I hate talking about myself and my work. Don't get me wrong; I could talk about writing all day. I could go on and on about my books. But not about why you should buy them. I just love talking about what I am passionate about; my stories. I don't love telling people to go buy said stories or why they should buy them or convincing people I am a great author (that might also be because I don't believe I'm that great yet, but that's another topic). I am very wary of being narcissistic. I don't know why, particularly, but I am extremely paranoid about it. I don't want to be all about me. And marketing has always felt like it was just me singing my own praises and I hate that.

So...that's why I hate marketing.

On a sort of brighter note: I am doing a lot of research and also taking a class on marketing so that I do know what I am doing. That will alleviate at least one of my reasons for disliking marketing and hopefully I'll enjoy it more or at the very least be better at it.

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