Thursday, March 30, 2017

Quarterly Writing Goals #2 [2017]

Taking a look back over the previous quarter's goals, I only got about half of them done and only if I am being generous. I had six goals to accomplish in the first three months of the year: 1) Finish Courageous Heart, 2) Get Courageous Heart through the editing and beta reader process, 3) Work on the Tragedy of the Traitor, 4) Post weekly vlogs, 5) outline the third book in my Finding Hope series. 6) stay on top of my Author social media (facebook, twitter, blog, etc).

I did finish Courageous Heart (yay!) and I did start the editing process. Only half of my editors/beta readers have finished though, so the the editing part isn't done. It's half done. But I'm counting it, because I did my part, I'm just waiting for everyone else to do their part. The other goal that I did accomplish was working on the Tragedy of the Traitor. But I wasn't on top of social media, I didn't post weekly vlogs, and I most certainly did not begin outlining book #3 in the Finding Hope series.

All in all, I do actually feel good about the first quarter of the year. I did finish Courageous Heart and work on the Tragedy of the Traitor which were the two more important goals for me.

And now I've set my goals for the second quarter (April-June):

-Publish Courageous Heart. All that is necessary for this one is that my editors and beta readers finish their portion of the work and then I will have no obstacle to getting this book published! :)

-Brainstorm/outline book #3 in the Finding Hope series. There is no set deadline on this, which is probably why I didn't get it done last quarter. It is just something that I want to get done and the sooner I start working on it the sooner I can write the book. I have beta readers clamoring for it now, since they've read book 2, so maybe that will motivate me to get it done.

- Finish the Tragedy of the Traitor. I was able to get a little bit done in my fourth Robin Hood book in the last couple months. So now I want to actually finish the book.

-Edit the Tragedy of the Traitor This might not happen this quarter, but I'm throwing it out there in the event that I do indeed finish writing the Tragedy of the Traitor.

-Post weekly vlogs I did not do a good job of this, so hopefully this quarter is better.

-Stay on top of social media. I wasn't good at this either this last quarter, but I do want to grow and maintain my presence as an author online so hopefully this quarter I'm more on top of things.

So those are my goals for the next three months. I am confident I can get at least some of them done. My focus will most likely be on the Tragedy of the Traitor now that I've got Courageous Heart out of the way (other than publication, but that part is easy once my editors & beta readers are done).

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