Thursday, April 27, 2017

Isolated Excerpt

In light of Courageous Heart nearing publication, I thought I would share an excerpt from one of my books. Not from Courageous Heart, however. I'm going to be sharing a small piece of the first book in my Finding Hope series, Isolated, because if you haven't read Isolated, Courageous Heart probably won't make a whole lot of sense to you.

Of course, if you haven't read Isolated, an excerpt probably won't make a whole lot of sense either.

Oh well.

Here's to confusing all my readers with a excerpt out of context! :D Enjoy!

"About my family...I guess all you need to know about my mom is she's the kindest person you'll ever meet. But she's also insane.

As for my sister...where do I begin? I'm a triplet. Mom only kept two of us, 'cause she couldn't feed three more mouths back then. That's what she says anyway. I always assume the third either died or had something terribly wrong with it. But at any rate she kept my sister and me. But that's about where our resemblance ends.

My sister is everything. I am nothing.

Her name is Cinderella. I'm Cassy.

She's what you call the beautiful, talented, intelligent type.

I'm not. Any of those.

I won't say it hasn't been hard growing up in her shadow, but we're as close as anything. I'd do anything for her and she'd do the same for me.

Oh, and we don't call her Cinderella. That's her name to be sure, stamped right onto the birth certificate it is. But we just call her Cindy."

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