Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Official Website

Guess what? Guess what?!

I have an official website!


I am so excited! :)

I probably shouldn't be so happy about something as simple as a website, but I truly am. I'm elated! I put it together myself and did all the work alone, which means there's probably mistakes to be found. But I'm still very proud of my website and very happy that it exists at all. :)

Here's the link if you want to go check it out: My Website

Since doing my little blog post about marketing I've been looking into effective ways to market books and one of those things is to have an actual website which is one reason I took the plunge and got a website. It also adds a level of credibility as an author to have an official website, so that's another reason. And it was fun to put together, so there's another reason. :)

That's really all I have to say for now.

Have a lovely day, everybody!


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