Saturday, February 17, 2018

Book Launch (Queen of Caradale)

Today I'm going to talk about book launches. Not because I am an expert on the subject but because I am doing one right now (which you can find here: Queen of Caradale Book Launch )

Despite the fact that I am about to publish my seventh novel, I have never done an official book launch for any of my books. I'm about to change that.

I've decided to do a "real" book launch--as in, gathering people to tell them about the book and get them excited. I've launched my books in the sense that I publish them...therefore, by default, I've had a book "launch". This time, however, I'm doing something more official. Queen of Caradale is going to be published in March and so I have decided to try something new, come out of my comfort zone a little, and do a book launch.

There are multiple ways to do a book launch, so let's look at those for a moment.

First of all, you can have an in-person book launch where you invite a bunch of people over (to your house, to a chosen venue, etc.). People gather, maybe you eat some snacks, you talk about your book, hopefully sell a few copies...maybe sign them if that's what people want. Because this type of book launch involves interaction with people, this is not what I chose to do. I know it's rather silly of me, but human interaction is something I find uncomfortable. So instead, I chose to do the second type of book launch: virtual.

I am doing my book launch on Facebook. I have invited lots of people to this event, I'm posting games and fun things for them to do to participate and get excited about the book. And then, on the official publication date, I'll let everyone know Queen of Caradale is available and hopefully some of them will choose to buy it.

As I said previously, doing a book launch is a new experience for me. I'm learning a lot, mostly from trial and error as I make mistake after mistake. There's been a lot of laughter involved as I have pulled various family members into the creative process and we make this thing happen. I am enjoying learning how to do book launches, and I'm also enjoying the fun and laughter of doing this with my family.

I've been publishing my books for a number of years, but I am still learning new things about the industry and new ways to market my books, and I am loving it. :) Even though it's a bit uncomfortable to do new things and step outside of my usual routine, I'm glad that I am. This experience, doing the book launch, has certainly been different--but I'm loving it. And now I'll be more confident when my next book is published. :)

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