Tuesday, August 28, 2018

3 Self-published Authors I Admire (And Why)

So, as the title might suggest, today I'm going to briefly talk about indie authors that I admire; either for their writing or for some other reason.

Number one on my list is Jenna Moreci. Oh good gravies, this girl. I cannot even put into words my love for Jenna. Of her books, I have only read the first chapter of Eve: The Awakening--because when I discovered her I was broke, and so far still haven't had the income to purchase unnecessary items such as books (I can't believe I just said books were unnecessary). But this isn't a financial blog post, so we'll move past that. The point is, I've read very little but I LOVED what I read. I was hooked, from page 1, and have been mourning the fact that so far I haven't been able to get my hands on the rest. So, her writing aside, the real reason I love Jenna Moreci is her YouTube channel. She is brilliant, witty, intelligent, and the source of the majority of my writing advice these days. I used to have other sources, but why would I need them when I have the Cyborg Queen?

Now, there is one thing about dear Jenna Moreci that I don't like; she uses explicit language...everywhere. All.The.Time. And that is not something my poor little ears need. So, beware when reading her books or watching her YouTube videos.

The next self-published author on my list is Mandi Lynn. Again, I mainly know her through YouTube. However, I have actually read a full novel of hers, as opposed to one chapter of Jenna's book. I enjoyed her novel, and I enjoy her YouTube channel. She is not on the insanely high pedestal that the Cyborg Queen is--how could anyone even come close--but she is on my list because she is more on my level. Someone that can serve as inspiration that I could reasonably imitate and someday (hopefully) attain. Unlike Jenna...whom I can never compare with in any way.

The last author on my list is Christopher Paolini. Granted, his books are now traditionally published, but Eragon started out self-published, so he totally counts. The reason he's on my list is simple--self-publishing can eventually lead to "making it big." He's nothing more to me than an example of what is possible--well, that and also the author of a series that I love (love is a strong word...you should go read my reviews of that series to know how I really feel, which you can find here: My Reviews).

There you have it. 3 self-published authors I admire, and why.

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