Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Bonsai Tree Update

Today I have tragic news...there has been an unforeseen death...in my ROOM!

My first bonsai tree died a rather tragic death at such a tender young age of...however many weeks old he was.

I went on a trip about a month ago and was gone for two weeks--counseling at church camp. And whilst I was away, my poor bonsai tree died (to be fair, I did put someone in charge of him...). Despite this sad event, I have planted seeds yet again and am growing bonsai tree #2. We shall see how this goes! Hopefully better than the last one.

I have completed the soaking seeds, stratifying in the fridge, and planting stages. Now I wait for the little green shoots once more. And don't go on any trips until my bonsai is fully grown.

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