Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Mandi Grace

Major changes are coming.

I've already mentioned in the past how I am going to be publishing with IngramSpark in the near future, when CreateSpace and KDP finally become one entity. When I change platforms, I will also be changing something else: my pseudonym.

It won't be a massive change; I'm simply going from Amanda Grace to Mandi Grace.

The reason for this change? When I originally chose to write under Amanda Grace I did so because I wanted to use my own name. I was not aware, at the time, that there are multiple Amanda Grace authors. This has caused a little confusion, but more than that, being one of many is hardly what any author wants. We want to be unique and stand out; to be remembered. Because of this, I have been toying with the idea of altering my pseudonym for a number of years. The move to IngramSpark simply gave me the opportunity I'd been waiting for. Mandi is still my name, which is what I originally wanted, and there aren't any Mandi Grace authors (yet) to be confused with.

My Robin Hood series and my Dystopian trilogy will remain under the name Amanda Grace and will still be available on Amazon through KDP. However, when I begin publishing new novels through IngramSpark they will all be under the name Mandi Grace.

Due to this change, my blog, my website, and the rest of my social media will soon be updated slightly.


  1. Super cool! :D I'll try to keep this in mind so I'm not wondering who Mandi Grace is. :'D

  2. I might myself be wondering who Mandi Grace is for a while. :P


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