Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Quarterly Writing Goals #4 [2018]

Okay, well, due to July being crazy this year...and just me being lazy, in general...I did not post my third quarter writing goals blog. Oops. Regardless, I did, in fact, have goals and I did do some of them.

But first things first! What are Quarterly Writing Goals? They are simply goals that I wish to accomplish that have to do with writing a book, editing a book, marketing a book, etc. I choose to charge myself with completing these tasks in three months time. I make goals because they keep me motivated and productive.

Man, I've got that spiel down pat.

So, those goals that I never posted...what were they?

1) Edit The Story of Gisbourne, which did, in fact, happen; 2) Publish The Story of Gisbourne, which also happened; 3) edit/rewrite Return to Sherwood, which I did most of; 4) Write the sequel to Return to Sherwood, which I did not do very much of; 5) Name the sequel--which I totally did! 6) the book launch for The Story of Gisbourne; and 7) social media and vlogs...which was as hit and miss as always.

So what are my goals for the end of the year?

Write A Promise to Keep This is the sequel to Return to Sherwood, which I only have a very wee little bit of actually written. I am planning on writing this novel in November for NaNoWriMo.

Explore IngramSpark This is the platform that I will now be publishing my books through. I want to get comfortable with the process--which is slightly different than CreateSpace--so that when I am ready to publish I know what I am doing. So, basically, research.

Update all the things Because I will be writing under a slightly different pseudonym in the future, I need to update my blog, social media, etc. to reflect this change.

Outline The Cure This is my fantasy novel that has been brewing for several years. I'm finally ready to write it. So when I'm not doing A Promise to Keep--which will be my November book--I'll be working on this novel.

Worldbuild The Cure This is a fantasy story set in an unknown world. I need to figure out as much as I can about that world so that I can write a story set in it that actually makes sense.

And of course, social media and vlogs.

When the new year hits, we shall see how much of this I actually accomplished (or if I added more to my list along the way, as I often do).

In the meantime, Happy Writing, everybody!

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