Saturday, August 10, 2019

2019 Quaterly Writing Goals #3

It has been far too long since I have blogged. I seem to have forgotten this corner of the internet existed! I have finally returned from my long absence, with a simple post of little consequence.

Quarterly Writing Goals!

This quarter sneaked up on me and took me by surprise. How could it possibly be the third quarter of the year already? And for that matter, how could it possibly be the second month of that quarter?

For anyone who does not already know, quarterly writing goals are simply goals that I make in order to motivate myself to be productive, and I intend to complete them within a three month period (or "quarter" of the year). The past quarter was summertime, so one would think there would be an ample amount of time to be productive and get tons of work done. One would be wrong to think so. I am incredibly lazy when I do not have structure, and as I had the summer off of work, I had no structure.

Nothing got done.

With that in mind, what were my goals and did I accomplish them?

Goal #1 Finish A Promise to Keep. This has been a goal for far too long...and will remain so because I did not finish writing this novel.

Goals #2 was to edit each individual point of view character arc for the novel Return to Sherwood so that I could start the real editing process with my editors. I did not even begin this behemoth of a task.

Goal #3 was the Cover Art for Return to Sherwood, which I had lined up but then fell we're back to square one and this has not been accomplished.

Goal #4 was my conference in April. I did attend this! But I did not quite fulfill my projected sales.

Goal #5 was to outline my fantasy, nope. Did not happen.

Goal #6 was to world build my fantasy novel. Ha. Nope.

Goal #7 was to start writing that fantasy novel. Which I did not.

Goal #8 was simply to purchase more ISBNs...and I did not do that either.

Wow. Look at that. I did all of 1 of my 8 goals, and that 1 was not a resounding victory (totally worth it though, side note. I LOVE going to that conference).

So, what am I going to do in the next month and a half before this quarter ends? I'm so glad you asked. And yes, I do intend to actually get things done. You see, I'm back at work again. Structure. Less time to write and edit and such like? More writing and editing and such like will be accomplished. Don't try and follow that logic. It's just the truth.

Finish A Promise to Keep  For real this time. I have to finish this manuscript.

Edit RS POVs  I have written a novel from many different points of view (POVs) and before I can send it off to editors I must make sure that every single POV is complete. I can't have a character arc fall through the cracks. So I have to edit each individual story as if it were just that; its very own story. This task appears terrifying but is absolutely necessary. I'm not sure how much I can get done between now and Quarterly Writing Goals #4, but I will do my best.

Send Return to Sherwood to editors  This will only happen if I do the above step...

Purchase ISBNs an author can never have too many...

Restart the Cover Art process for Return to Sherwood  Hopefully this time it works out.

Only 5 thus far, but one of them is worth about 15 (the number of POVs in that massive novel). Let's see what I can do!

In the meantime, Happy Writing, everyone!!

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