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Hello, dear readers! So you want to know a little about me, do you? I am Mandi Grace: author, vlogger, lover cats. That last one is especially important.

Writing is my passion, my way of life. I can hardly go a day without writing at least a few words, and I get crazy excited about sharing those words with anyone who will listen. I write to bring joy to the people around me, because let's be honest: this world could always use some more joy.

I have been writing, as in actually putting words on paper, since I was about 12 years old. However, I was telling stories long before that. I have been accused of ruining play time for my siblings when we were young by directing our games and being very adamant about what they could and could not say.

As much as writing is a passion of mine, Jesus is even more so. He's the reason that I live, and definitely the reason that I write.

So that's a little bit about me. I hope my blog, my books, or even simply this 'about' page managed to put even the smallest of smiles on your face.

If you want to check out my books, the best way of doing so would be to visit my website: Mandi Grace

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