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Finding Hope

Isolated-Finding Hope book 1
What if the life you've known is not the life you've lived? What if the reality you see everyday isn't your real life? What if the strange dreams you've been having tell the real story of your life? "Isolated" takes you inside the seemingly mundane life of Cassy Wilmark, a teenager who only knows the poverty stricken life she's lived with her mother and sister in their small, quiet town. But lately, her dreams and unexplainable events in town have tossed Cassy into a maelstrom of mystery and danger. Who is she, really? What really happened to her father? Can she separate reality from fantasy or is the fantasy the reality?

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Courageous Heart-Finding Hope book 2
Cassy and Cindy have escaped from Single Stea, but the trouble is only beginning. Memories have been forgotten. Friends have been lost. Family has been abandoned. Now it's up to Cindy to help Cassy remember, to fuel a rebellion, and to overthrow the Nation of Supremacy. Can this gentle girl find a way out of her shell in time to save the world?

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Queen of Caradale-Finding Hope book 3
The final book in the Finding Hope trilogy follows the adventures of Cindy and Hope Wilmark as they fight a war against King Kane of Caradale to free their people from his tyrannical rule. This is made even more difficult than war generally is because Cassy has been brainwashed and is now fighting for King Kane rather than her own sisters. Will Cindy and Hope be able to restore Cassy's memories and free their people from King Kane before it's too late?

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Robin Hood

Lucy's Legend-A Robin Hood Story
An absent king. A wicked prince. An evil sheriff. An outlawed nobleman and his band of courageous comrades. But you already know this story...or do you? Join a young girl named Mari-Lu in Medieval England as her great-grandmother tells a story of heroes and villains, and a legend that is now revealed for the first time.

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Always In Shadow-Robin Hood Part 2
The journey continues with the second installment in the Robin Hood series...the adventures during the Crusade, in Sherwood, and beyond seen through the eyes of Robin Hood's faithful servant Much.

 Always In Shadow on Amazon

Dusty-Robin Hood Part 3
Revisit the world of Sherwood and Nottingham yet again in this third installment in my Robin Hood series. In this retelling of the story, watch events unfold through the eyes of the spiritual warrior of Robin Hood's gang--Dusty

The Tragedy of the Traitor-Robin Hood Part 4
The fourth book in Amanda Grace's retelling of the beloved and classic tale of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. In this installment, Lucy takes her great-granddaughter Mari-Lu on a journey of discovery to answer one burning question: Why did Allen of the Dale betray Robin Hood?

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The Story of Gisbourne-Robin Hood Part 5
Aunt Lucy now reveals the truth about the most misunderstood character in the legend of Robin Hood. Witness his painful childhood, his horrible life under Prince John, and his redemption through the saving power Jesus Christ.

The Story of Gisbourne on Amazon

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